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starseal garbage bag
OCMERIT PLASTIC SDN BHD We are the experience manufacturer and exporter all kind of plastics bags with rotogravure printing technology.
Ocmerit Factory

OCMERIT keep on going with expanding over sea’s market and we are presently exerting ourselves in local market which it’s an industrious undertaking that requires effort. We envisage the local market demand. We have customers in both in-bounded and out-bounded countries. Our factory’s is fully armed with many modern machines and experience man power in order to fulfill market’s requirements.

OCMERIT has always prided itself on its strong technical, design and manufacturing excellence.


The company has continued to develop on its core strengths, continually invests in new plants, machinery and transport. Adhering to highest standards of business ethics and integrity, we are constantly striving to deliver quality services and excellence to our valued clients. Our clients being an ultimate asset to our success and growth, we have been successful in building the lasting relationship with our clients.

In addition, we also focus on our employee by arranging seminar and training from time to time to let them have more knowledge and experience in work field. OCMERIT intend to be part of national economic development. So, we always support quality management activity.


Our quality policy is

I Quality Product;
II Good Service and on time delivery

Which focus on quality management with target and clear objectivity.