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OCMERIT is a highly acclaimed name among suppliers of superior quality plastic raw materials in Malaysia and worldwide for manufacturing a variety of plastics bag products.

1. Raw Material

Ocmerit Product We source these raw materials only from established and highly reputed vendors after stringent quality checks. Some of our business partners are very powerful and leading players of industry .Our product range for raw materials include following products:-


2. Extrusion

Ocmerit Product

From the raw material, the resin will be feeding to the blowing machine’s screw and barrel for heating and melting in the high pressure and push to the die head.

Melting polymer will comes out from die head and blowing by strong blower to become a balloon and taken up to high tower for cooling. Following by scrolling on the roller the polymer will goes to roll form. In the between will have the process of printing if in order.

3. Printing  
Ocmerit Product

Rotogravure is the main printing machine for us and is online printing attaching with the blowing machine. To make sure the quality of printing and the efficiency of productivity, we do shortening the stage of offline printing for ensure the product is satisfied and meet our customer’s need.

We do have a full range of color to be select and design of the photo gravure. Photo gravure is the latest technology and its give the product excellence outcome.

All our printing machine is using heater system to ensure all the printing is clean and clear at all the time. We do care about our product quality.

4. Bag Making  
Ocmerit Product

We have the latest and most technologically advanced bag making machinery. We are using the high speed and fully automatic cutting machine. Sealing and punching is all inline system. Sealing are using heat seal to ensure the both handle and bottom sealing is achieve the strength of our customer needs. We have all kind of handle punching types that’s our customer can choose their patterns and likes. All of this we already study and its meet the quality of handle.